I'm sure you’ve heard by now that animals are going extinct. And while you consider yourself an animal person there are few things that will get you to move and help make a difference. But what if we told you there are only a couple thousand tigers left, 2,900 to be exact? Scary, huh? Well then you’d probably still go on about your day. 

What if we showed you how rare this species is by asking people to pay up to $1 million dollars for a limited edition stuffed animal of that species. Show you the true value of this diminishing species. Showed you that while dogs are cute, a dog dressed like a tiger is no replacement for the real thing. 
So let’s get real and let’s do it real fast. You can’t replace real and rare is only so valuable until it runs out. Act fast before they are gone, limited edition WWF stuffed animal. Expires Soon

2021 AAF Austin ADDY Outdoor& Transit Advertising Campaign- Bronze
Case study video: 

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