Copywriter: Kateri David
There’s a host of adventurous souls out there, roving around for something new to take on everyday. Though they’re constantly finding innovative ways to spice up their routine, there's one (obvious) area they consistently overlook: food. Maybe they’re slightly lazy, or maybe they’re under the impression that mind-blowing flavor fusions can only be achieved in professional kitchens. But no matter: for one reason or another, they’re unaware that insane, experimental spice blends exist.

Far too often, we settle for bland eats. We’ve passed over the flavors brands tout as being “bold” or “extreme” so often our palettes have are more than a little jaded.
We’re going to introduce Spiceology’s blends to the public, inviting customers to saddle up for flavor adventures by giving voice to their wild cast of blends. 

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