Copywriter: Joel Linkewer
Bring ideas that put Budweiser beer front and center to drive recruitment with younger audiences (21-34 beer drinkers).

Budweiser told us they're often called “Dad Beer,” and the truth is, Dads everywhere have been given a bad name; thought of as dumb, clumsy, and lazy. ​​​​​​​
It’s time for Budweiser to bring pride back to Dads and redefine modern-day Dadhood. ​​​​​​​Because whether you know it or not there’s a Dad inside all of us. From the plant dads to the pet rock parents, the qualities that describe many of us can be defined as unmistakably Dad. We think Budweiser can help raise spirits by creating a national movement around the ideals of Dads.
Case study video:
First we’ll start with the “Calling of the Dads,” inviting audiences to rethink of themselves as Dads and join Budweiser in a movement towards establishing Dadmerica. Through OOH and social takeovers, viewers will also be encouraged to share or tag friends who they consider dads. 
Budweiser will then unveil the “Declaration of Dadmerica” to the world in a full page print spread. The Declaration will also be featured on a custom website for Dads to sign, or for people to sign up their friends, and become Founding Fathers of Dadmerica.
Dads can watch or congregate in-game in a newly built world inside Minecraft. Twitch influencers, Snapchat filters, and Dadmerica Merch will help spread the world while showing Dadhood pride.
Finally, our camping will complete through a celebration of Dads and Dadhood history. Rather than celebrating just one Father’s Day we will invite Dads to enjoy the 20 Days of Dadsgiving; a 20 day social giveaway ending in a festive Dad’s Day Feast. A digital museum exhibition on the history of Dadhood will also be unveiled in our Dadmerica Minecraft server.

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